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Single Breasted Shawl Coat Non-vented

The classy Single Breasted Shawl Coat Non-vented tuxedo coat by Giancarlo Romano is one of our classiest and most traditional tuxedo styles.  Fully equipped with a matching black pleated sash, white wing collared shirt, black double pleated trousers, and topped off with a matching black bow tie, you will be an icon of sophistication.  Buy or rent this tuxedo through and call us at to find a retail store near you.


Giancarlo RomanoGiancarlo Romano


Buttons: One
Collar: Shawl

Shirt Style

White Wing Collar

Vest Style

None (matching Black Pleather Sash)

Trouser Style

Black Double Pleated

Tie Style

Matching Black Bow Tie



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