Choosing The Right Tuxedo

Many people stress out about picking the right tux for their formal occasion. Admittedly, it can be difficult to make those choices if you are not accustomed to buying formal attire. That’s why it helps when you speak with people at our tuxedo rentalstore. We will ensure that you make the best possible choices that allow you to look great and stylish as well.


As much as people stress over their tuxedo, tuxedo accessories are something else to keep in mind. In particular, there’s the matter of shoes and footwear. We would like to take a moment right now to consider the issue of footwear and what that means for your tux.

Do the shoes really make the tux?

Think about the moment when a person enters the room. Their outfit is all of a piece. When something they wear sticks out or clashes, it can ruin the whole look that someone is going for. This is especially true with the shoes. If the shoes clash, the rest of the ensemble is thrown off.

Some Basics to Consider with Tuxedo Footwear

The basic rule with regard to tuxedo shoes is to wear black patent-leather shoes or pain black Oxfords that are well-polished. These shoes go well with a black tuxedo, complementing the elegant look.

Why not a flat, unpolished leather or different colors of leather shoes?

With regard to flat black leather shoes, they just don’t seem to fit with the level of elegance of a tuxedo. They stand out rather than tie everything together.

A Word On Other Kinds of Non-Formal Footwear

As for other kinds of shoes, this ultimately comes down to a matter of taste and style. Generally, sneakers, boots, leather shoes of different colors, spats, and so forth clash with the tuxedo. Sometimes the clashing is intentional and, with a good eye for fashion, a person can pull it off.

If you are a member of a wedding party of some kind, be sure to check with others so that you are not the odd man out with regard to your manner of dress. This is a generally good idea for any type of group formal occasion, and it’s a bit of common courtesy that can go a long way.

Helping You Make the Right Choices

If you are planning to go with any unconventional footwear choices, feel free to discuss these issues with us. On top of our experience with wedding tuxedo rentals, we have a good eye for what works, and we can help figure out how to make the best decisions with regard to your overall look.

In addition to footwear, we’d be more than happy to suggest other accessories and garment combinations to consider, such as cummerbunds, socks, ties, hats, shirts, and so on. We’re here for you.

Learn More About Picking a Tuxedo

If you would like to learn more about picking the right formal wear and accessories to go along with your formal wear, be sure to contact our La Jolla suit and tuxedo rental businesstoday. We all look forward to meeting you in person and helping you make the best choices with regard to renting the right suit or tux for your needs.

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