NYCTux Testimonials has delivered some of the best quality tuxedo rentals within the New York City area.  It is important for us to cater to any and every need our customer may have, and we work hard to keep all customers satisfied.  We are a reliable service that prides itself on providing top-notch tuxedo rentals for any black tie occasion, and are happy to have formed strong relationships with many of our customers over the years that keep coming back time and again for our premium designer formalwear.  Please read our testimonials to gain some insight on the quality provided by our professional, honest, and thoughtful company in hopes that you too may come and see for yourself what our satisfied customers have been talking about all along.  When it comes to superiority and class, is #1 in providing all your formalwear needs. 

This message is from Mark Rothenfeld

I'm writing to praise NYCTux and express how much they helped me quickly and efficiently.  I rented the Joseph Abboud tux for my sister's wedding because I was the Best man and the rest of us all went through the NYCTux website and I gotta say we looked incredibly dapper in our suits.  We got fitted and everything very quickly and we were in and out 1,2, 3 and the best part was that it was inexpensive and fast.  I know I would rent my tux from NYCTux in the future since I barely wear suits at all so it's very useful to have this site available to use for whenever I have a black tie event.  Thank you so much for all you did, I will definitely recommend this tuxedo shop to all my friends!

Mark Rothenfeld
Valley Stream, NY

This message is from Emily Sutzman

Dear Sir or Madam,

My deepest gratitude to NYCTux for all they did to make my wedding experience all it could be and more!  Thank you so much!  My husband and his groomsmen looked absolutely wonderful.  We went to the Manhattan location and everyone was so helpful inside.  The people who measured them were very helpful and helped recommend some of the best suits that fit their forms.  Plenty of professional service was offered and I had to write this because everyone was just so accommodating!  Great great great place to go for tuxedos.  And the selection was also the biggest we'd seen in our search thus far.  I definitely commend this place for its excellence.

Emily Sutzman
Middle Village, NY

This message is from Richard Morales

We had to rent tuxedos for a part of 15! This is a huge amount but NYCTux got it done.  We were nervous that something would go wrong somewhere considering it's so many people, but everything was great and all the guys were fit to a tee.  Glad we picked this place, keep up the good work, guys!

Richard Morales
Bronx, NY

This message is from Leslie Williams

Thank God we found NYCTux to do our tuxedo work for us.  Everything was perfect.  Did it for my twin sons about a week before their prom.  They were the most handsome boys there.  Good choice for quick and easy tuxedo shopping.

Leslie Williams
New York, NY

This message is from Walter Frye

I would say I had a great experience renting my tux from NYCTux for my company's corporate event.  It was a very nice Oscar De La Renta two button suit.  I got fitted and was ready to go in only a few days, and I would say the service was also very efficient and professional. 

Walter Frye
Brooklyn, NY

This message is from Edward Valentino

The tuxedo I rented for my little cousin's baptism got the most compliments I think I've ever gotten.  It was the Ralph Lauren 3 piece and I'd say if you want a nice suit you should get that one.  The NYCTux people helped me pick it out and I think they made the right choice for me.  I'm glad I found them on their website and I was a little iffy about renting a tux but thought why not rent one since I barely wear suits anyway. 

Edward Valentino
Ramsey, NJ