NYCTUX Tuxedos Brands

A good suit can at times be seen as a fine wine, and just as it is with wine, the brands matter for suits as well. Believe it or not, there is a difference between a Calvin Klein and a Giancarlo. It may sound a bit silly to you now, but that could be the difference between you looking good and great. offers the best brands on the market. From Bill Blass and Calvin Klein, to Giancarlo and Jean Yves. Our goal is to suit you up to your best capability, and we deliver constantly. If you're not familiar with the brands, no worries, by the time you're done with the experience, you'll be an expert.

After Six Tuxedos
After Six

The After Six tuxedo is one of the most leading companies that has been providing men with formal wear fashion that has been there for the past 100 years. It is the only men’s formal wear that offers a wide variety of tuxedos that can be worn in different occasions.

This tux has a special package that is unique to each and every customer who comes in the store looking for formal wear for a certain occasion. The After Six tux rental services are also affordable and come in different packages to suit each and every persons needs.

Most of these tuxedos are usually for occasions such as weddings and dinner parties and they all come in different types and sizes. You can get all the types of tuxedos that you want here without having to go from store to store looking for a specific type of tuxedo, since they offer all types of tuxedos. This company also sells tuxedos at a consumer friendly price, a price that even the person who is looking for a fashionable tuxedo for a reasonable price can get. This makes it one of the best companies that offer different types of tuxedos at consumer friendly rates.

Andrew Fezza Tuxedos
Andrew Fezza

The Andrew Fezza tuxedo does a great job combining relaxed style with a formal almost arrogant look. Type "what is a tuxedo" in your search engine and you will be taken to websites mentioning the Andrew Fezza tux.

Style comes in the form of multiple models and styles consisting of: the Blue Label collection, Fusion collection, Monaco collection, and the Platinum collection.

Bill Blass Tuxedos
Bill Blass

The Bill Blass Tuxedo comes in multiple styles to choose from with different qualities and virtues for each. These styles include the Madison, Essex, Mcalister, Cambridge, Charleston, and Bradford models.

The Bradford model is a one button shawl lapel style model with a deep neckline.

This model is great for the person trying to emphasize their body a bit more than the tuxedo. The Mcalister is a two button notched lapel model with large wide lapels. Wear this jacket to emphasize your chest and to de-emphasize your shoulders.

Calvin Klein Tuxedos
Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is the pre-eminent American among fashion's modernist designers. His signature is clean, precise cuts, elegant silhouettes and luxurious fabrics in a rich and neutral palette. The clarity of his aesthetic is emphasized by the lack of excess or ornament. His talent as a designer has never been put into question. With his minimalist sophisticated styles, Calvin Klein has been able to keep both men and women of all ages stylish with simple and elegant clothes.

Fubu Tuxedos

The Fubu tuxedo is a long way off from the original business model of the company which started out making hats. However, Fubu has done a great job expanding into the formal wear arena. This tuxedo has a gritty urban style reminiscent of the modern stylings of Kenneth Cole suits and other progressive brands of formal wear.

The fubu tux can be found in two, three, and even four button models in a wide array of design types. Look for solids and pinstripes with large chalk stripe sizes in their Shadow Stripe models. Materials can consist of the usual wool and satin combinations or the more wrinkle resistant polyester/wool blends.

Fumagalli Tuxedos

Fumagalli Tuxedos are known for combining the sophistication and quality of European fashion. Fumagalli tuxedos are classically styled, and represent the true essence of what one looks for when purchasing formalwear. The Fumagalli tuxedos that we offer are available in one, two , three, and four button jackets. Whatever style you prefer, there are Fumagalli tuxedos to suit your taste.

Giancarlo Tuxedos

Coming Soon

Gianfranco Ruffini Tuxedos
Gianfranco Ruffini

Coming Soon

Jean Yves Tuxedos
Jean Yves

The Jean Yves tuxedo is a great tux for the man looking for a tuxedo with a powerful name, creative designs, and durable materials. Jean Yves tux styles come in the form of the Allure, Belfort, Conte, Diamont, Etienne, Mirage, Parisian, Renaissance, and the Revel.

Jean Yves tuxedos have become very popular over the last few years. Jean Yves tuxedos are made from a high quality tropical wool fabric, great for warm and cool climates. You will notice that Jean Yves tuxedos are available in many different styles. If you are looking for something classic or “fashion forward”, Jean.

Joseph Abboud Tuxedos
Joseph Abboud

The Joseph Abboud Tuxedo is one of the most terrific tuxedos ever made. They are usually made using the most expensive materials you can get but are not very costly to rent or buy. Since the Joseph Abboud tux is a designer tuxedo it is usually mended using the best fabrics and materials. The occasions to which this type of tuxedo can be worn are occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and dinner parties.

Neil Allyn Tuxedos
Neil Allyn

Neil Allyn tuxedos offer a fantastic value for someone who is in the market for a well made, classic tuxedo. Neil Allyn tuxedos are similar to what you would find in a typical rental tuxedo. Neil Allyn tuxedos are well made, extremely durable, and perfect for the gentleman who is looking for economical alternative to renting a tuxedo.

Neil Allyn tuxedos are made in polyester, poly/wool blend, and 100% wool fabrics. They are all classic in style, easy to care for, and can last a lifetime.

Oscar De La Renta Tuxedos
Oscar De La Renta

The Oscar De La Renta tuxedo is an American creation that has been around since the 60's. This tux is known for its high quality materials and designer styling.

Current styles consist of the Duet II, Magic, Rio, Royal, Trilogy II, Trilogy III, Trilogy IV, Silver Cloud II, Silver Cloud III, and the Stafford.

Perry Ellis Tuxedos
Perry Ellis

The Perry Ellis tuxedo is a direct result of Perry Ellis deciding to take on menswear back in the 1980's. His creations are known to be modern, unique, and 100% American in style. The current Perry Ellis tux can be found in a wide array of different models. Some of these models include the Republic, Groove, Halo, El Cinco, and Marseille.

These models range anywhere from two buttons to five buttons, which is quite uncommon even by today's fashion forward world. Colors come in classic black and white but also in colors such as diamond and ivory as well. Look to find a whole slew of new colors come out over the next few years.

Ralph Lauren Tuxedos
Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren tuxedo is the direct result of the humble start of Ralph Lauren and his tie creations. He has now moved on to all sorts of formal wear and his tuxedos alongside his suits are some of the best designs in the business.

Styles range from contemporary and classic to modern and streamlined. You will find two and three button models with both notched lapels and double vented models. Packages can also be purchased to keep the look genuinely "Lauren".

Seven Unlimited Tuxedos
Seven Unlimited

The next generation of tuxedos and tuxedo shoes have arrived. With a unique combination of culture and cool, the Seven Unlimited line of tuxedos offers you the class of a tuxedo with the sensibility of a suit. Now available in several flat front pant styles to reflect today's fashion savvy consumer.