Tuxedos And Suits For Fall Weddings

It isn’t too hot.  It isn’t too cold.  The foliage is beautiful.  The air is generally crisp and people feel like celebrating!  Fall and spring have a lot in common.  Another commonality is that they’re both great times to get married!  While Spring may still be a little more popular for weddings, fall is a bustling wedding season in its own right and your choice of formal wear is wide open.

Where tuxedos are concerned, fall weddings have two advantages on spring weddings.  The first is the weather.  Even in spring there are regions that are already too hot to comfortably wear black formal wear during the day.  During the fall, however, most places are plenty cool for any formal option.


The 2nd advantage that fall weddings have is that they don’t have to contend with proms.  Most proms happen in the spring and cumulatively create the formal industry’s busiest formal season.  While each year the industry handles both the wedding and prom season demand simultaneously, quantities of sizes and styles can be more sparse this time of year.  In Autumn however, the selection is much more robust.  Below are some of the most popular options for fall weddings:

Black Tuxedos

Black tuxedos are the most traditional option for evening weddings (or rather weddings that end at night), but also see a lot of use for daytime weddings too.  These are popular options for traditional church weddings.

Grey Tuxedos

Grey tuxedos are generally the most popular options for fall weddings.  They are versatile enough to work indoors or outdoors, during the day or evening.  But they are most popular for outdoors fall garden weddings.

Other Tuxedos

Just because these tuxedos don’t get their own color category doesn’t mean they’re any less popular.  Tan especially is one of the most popular formal options for outdoors and daytime fall weddings.  Slate Blue and Silver are less traditional options that are also gaining momentum.  While brown tuxedos do generally pick up in popularity this time of year, we didn’t include them in this list because they’ve been trending down in popularity consistently for the past few years.

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