Wedding Crashers, And The Party Tuxedo

Pop rock band Maroon 5 recently released a fun and innovative music video for their song ‘Sugar’ and it’s awesome.  In the video, the Adam Levine and his band actually crash several real wedding receptions and record the reactions of the shocked and awed newly-weds and guests.  The results are satisfying, the song is catchy, and the party tuxedos are downright classy.


There are a few important lessons to glean from the music video.  The first is that wedding crashing is fun.  The 2nd is to remember that no it’s not – unless you’re a famous and beloved band.  Then rock on.  The third predictably has to do with the tuxedos.

A lot of guys will get dressed up dutifully when they are asked to for weddings, but will treat it like a chore.  For them dressing up isn’t fun.  It’s an obligation that removes them from their comfort zone so that they’ll look nice for wedding photos.  But what they fail to remember, and what this music video does such a good job of reminding us of, is that tuxedos are first and foremost party wear.

  You’re supposed to have fun in them. That’s their purpose.  Even very classic Black Tie tuxedos – scratch that – especially very classic Black Tie tuxedos like the one worn by Adam Levine in the video are made specifically to bring an element of class to the fun –  to elevate a normal party and transform it into an event you’ll always remember.

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